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Report Finds LED Christmas Lights Preferred Over Incandescent


Report Finds LED Christmas Lights Preferred Over Incandescent


57% of Christmas Consumers Now Prefer LED Lights Over Incandescent, According to a New Report by Christmas Lights, Etc.

More than 2,000 people from across the U.S. participated in a nationwide survey to identify the latest Christmas decorating trends. The research identified a number of key points, including new benchmarks that show more than half of Christmas consumers (57%) now prefer LED Christmas lights while 21% still prefer incandescent lights and 22% have no preference.

“Because LED Christmas lighting is the newer alternative to traditional incandescent lighting, the adoption rate has been relatively metered, especially in areas like specialized holiday lighting,” says Frank Skinner, director of marketing at Christmas Lights, Etc. “Early-adopting enthusiasts helped propel the technology but what this finding signals is that LED Christmas lights are now mainstream enough where more than half of Christmas consumers prefer them. That’s significant.”

The “Consumer Views of Christmas Lights, Trees and Decorating Report” also identified that men and women have more distinct preferences when it comes to LED Christmas lights. Based on these new findings, 66% of men actually prefer LEDs — an overwhelming majority. However, in contrast, only 46% of women prefer LEDs.

A large percentage of women (31%) say they actually have no preference while 23% prefer the traditional incandescent Christmas lights. This illustrates that the LED vs. incandescent debate is more gender specific than once realized. There may be natural holiday lighting preferences between men and women depending on how the lights get used and who does the decorating. A major transition in decorative holiday lighting has been taking place over the last decade and it’s notable that it has not been more equally embraced by both men and women.

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